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Powerplay International is a talented, experienced NYC web design and web development professionals. Our client website’s designs list includes members of the sports world, lawyers, financial consultants, music industry professionals, and many cable TV news guests. Based in NYC, Powerplay International is well prepared to handle a variety of Internet service website needed, from

helping a newly created business get on the Web, to producing amazing sites for people without a website presence as well as redesigning existing websites with modern web design trends and an easy to use content management system.  With our talented, experienced team of NYC web design and web development professionals. Let Powerplay International Help You! 



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You have just a seconds to help keep a brand new visitor on your website.  Powerplay International is here to be sure these potential customers stay longer and in addition become clients.

check-mark-power-play-international We understand why most web sites fail to attain business goals.

check-mark-power-play-international Functional & Visually persuasive Web Development.


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Company Statistics

  • 2008
    Launched Our First Website
  • 2010
    500+ Optimized Websites
  • 2012
    Hundreds Of Satisfied Customers
  • 2014
    2500+Jobs Social Media Marketing Company

Powerplay International's Most Recent Work

Star Boxing

No company can be successful without strong management, good business experience and savvy judgment. Star Boxing founder, Joe DeGuardia, is no stranger to the ring, in or out. As the son of a professional prizefighter, he first donned the gloves at the ripe age of two.  DeGuardia went on to successfully fight for and win a 1988 New York Golden Gloves Championship.Ten years ago, when the torch was passed from father to the son, Joe took over the Morris Park Boxing Club. He grew up there and has made it one of the busiest boxing gyms in New York.  Today, he exclusively promotes numerous boxers and boxing events, and has co-promoted with all the other major promoters. Under Joe’s guidance, Star has brought back the atmosphere of the famed “Golden Age” of boxing in New York.An accomplished attorney and past Bronx Assistant District Attorney, he is no stranger to success or challenge. In or out of the ring, prosecuting or defending cases, Joe DeGuardia drives the vision and direction that is Star Boxing.  Visit Website…

Divorce Dating

Dating after the divorce can be daunting. But just made it a whole lot easier. My dating site is a gateway to a thriving community of people who have put divorce behind them. This site has a large body of people who have something in common with you and who understand the trials and tribulations of divorce. Divorced, separated and open-minded singles are all here mingling, enjoying and in most cases searching for that perfect someone. Almost fifty percent of first time marriages end up in divorce. Those ready to move on to good times and excitement have already signed up. It's called the next chapter! At your fingertips, with three easy steps, you can start connecting with like-minded people who understand and respect the road you have travelled. Worrying about eye color and height is not paramount anymore. The first bond is a commonality. A beautiful thing because long term friendships and lasting love are always rooted in shared experiences. Divorce is not a death. It is a rebirth! Trust me, I know first hand. If you're ready for the transition from lonely to being loved there are endless possibilities on Start typing, have fun and love awaits. YOU deserve it!  Visit Divorce Dating now...

Jump Jet

Jumpjet is the first and only private jet membership club offering leisure and business travelers a new method to fly for the approximate cost of first class airfare. There are membership degrees, strategies and programs to pick from, which enable great flexibility and convenience for members and their friends. From our forty originating airports, members can fly to over five hundred destinations within the continental United States, depending on what membership level and plan is picked.

Jumpjet members will probably fly with several other members. The ease, extravagance and stature of private jet travel with Jumpjet are made possible through our club organization. Members appreciate the Jumpjet services and amenities in exchange for their flexibility in possibly sharing the same aircraft. Requested AM/PM departure times and effortless, stress free boarding and un boarding are the key deliverables for our members. The luxurious aircraft are glossy and efficient, hence baggage load is limited per passenger.

Visit Site…

Rock-A-Feller Cigars

nyc-web-design-box-rock-a-feller-cigars3-300x117The inspiration behind the Rock-A-Feller was going to make a cigar that’s an inexpensive luxury — a good product accessible to all men and women, no matter their socio-economic position. Two great names collaborated to create this cigar: A descendent of the Rockefeller family and Jeffrey Avo Uvezian, son of the legendary Avo Uvezian of Avo cigar fame. Together they created a cigar which was inspired by the tradition of American entrepreneurism.

The Rock-A-Feller is just a symbol of perseverance in the face of adversity,

Visit Website...

Urgent Medical Care

When a sudden illness or injury strikes, where do you turn if your regular doctor isn’t available? Just walk into or call any Urgent Clinics Medical Care office and receive fast, qualified and affordable urgent medical care in a convenient state-of-the-art location.
Scroll through our list of services to see that we are a comprehensive urgent care clinic. All of our locations are equipped with state-of-the-art digital x-ray and laboratory equipment.
You can make an appointment and our friendly staff will be waiting on you, or you can simply just walk in during our clinic’s operating hours. We are ready and waiting to take care of your needs immediately.
All of our clinics offer extended hours of service Sunday through Thursday from 9 am until 9 pm Friday and Saturday, our doors are open from 10 am until 10 pm. So when your doctor’s office is closed after 5 pm or on weekends and holidays, you are always welcome to visit our clinics. We will provide a full report to your personal physician at your request so that healthcare records remain complete.

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Here at Powerplay International we strive on giving the opportunity for people and business to grow with the web. We are incredibly excited about the new innovations we have developed for creating the next generation of interactive websites and how they can be tailor made to meet your needs.